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How we generated 100 leads per month without spending money on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or expensive sales commissions.

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What will this mean for my business?

Easier to sell

People reach out to you. They know you, they like you, and trust your authority, so all you need to do is qualify, and make an offer.

Celebrity status

Before anyone can buy from you, or even vote for you, you must have their attention. Attention is the most valuable asset online.

Leveraged returns

1 viral video gave us the demand to increase our prices by 10x. Reach millions of people online with the power of 1 video.

The Destination

Here's what our most viral video looks like

Shot and edited on a 2018 Android phone – you’ll see why this works in the next part

The best way to learn how to make content is to start with short form.
Virality comes from retention. Retention comes from a strong framework / outline. 

Once you’ve made one, you can make so many more…

The Journey

How many videos does it take to get millions of views?

This is how many videos it took us to grow our TikTok, Instagram and YouTube channels:

This was an experiment to demonstrate.
Content marketing builds trust stronger than any method. It’s the easiest way to close clients.


I need a fancy pro camera setup.

It’s nice, but not necessary. All our viral videos with over 1 to 8 million views were filmed and edited on a 2018 Android phone, in a free mobile app. Things that actually matter

  • the thumbnail – why would stop scrolling?
  • the headline – why would someone click?
  • the idea – what will someone learn?
  • the hashtags – what trends / catalysts can you use?
After proof of concept, we can scale. Then it becomes a volume game. The more attention real estate we put out, the more your following compounds. That’s when investing in professional editors and equipment makes sense to save you time. 

My industry is different.

If there’s someone else in your industry with millions of views, then there’s an audience for that content to blow up. For best results, we recommend modelling the exact content has gone viral in your space and telling it in your own voice.


My niche is saturated.

If your competitors are already doing it, then you’re already behind. Better start making content to catch up, or you’ll irrelevant.  You are unique. Your journey is unique. You will more easily attract those that are most similar to you vs. competitors. 


I need to post at a certain time of day

If you haven’t found your formula for viral success, then this doesn’t really matter. 

There are benefits to posting consistently at the same time every day – you’ve probably seen TV shows do this. 

If a video idea has high click through rate and audience retention, then you can post anytime and it will still reach millions in the long run.

YouTube’s top channel, Mr. Beast does this – he randomly posts every 2 weeks.


I need to use clickbait and cringe tactics

Clickbait overpromises and underdelivers. High clickthrough rate combined with high retention is better.

High retention comes from a good template. There are a few templates that have worked well for us:

  • Public:  Performances, keynotes, podcasts
  • Escalation: 3 Levels of Difficulty, Before & After, 1 second vs. 1 year
  • Relatable: Trending topics, memes
  • Educational: Tutorials, “Top 3 Tips,” “How to do [x] in 60 seconds”
  • Unique: High difficulty, high tech, or something no one has ever done before

There's no way to consistently make viral videos

There is no way anyone can guarantee you viral success on your videos, but there are frameworks that can get you pretty close. If you check the box on all of these questions in this criteria, you will more than likely achieve viral success.

Specializing in a niche is good at the start. The content is made so that it feels like you’re speaking to your exact target audience. 

When it’s time to expand your audience and bring in more people, you will need to make some content that appeals to the mass market (appealing to the lower common denominator aka more commonly held interests / topics of conversation). 


Short videos perform better than long videos

3 videos walk into a bar:

Who has the most views and retention? Is it how long it is?
Or is it how good the video is at retention?

The 45 min tutorial has more rewatch potential, and gets rewarded by the algorithm for watch time. 
The 6 min performance video is novel. It has potential to inspire someone to take action, but people usually watch 1 time.

Why is this free?

We owe our results to Gary Vaynerchuk

We make our money helping businesses over $500,000 get government grants to build their funnels.
I would not have built this following, or started making content in 2019 if it was not for GaryVee.

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Maybe you don’t have time to build a content arm for your business.
Maybe you just want 1 video to stand out from your competitors.

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