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Marco WanMarco Wan
06:11 09 Jan 23
Have been working with Lucien and the team since he started his own company and never had a moment where I had any issues or doubts in his craft. His passion for his work and care for his clients goes beyond everything I had imagine. Clear communication with outstanding amounts of effort has made it so easy for me to come back to him for other projects. Highly recommended to any other people looking to market their product and services!
Beca YinBeca Yin
06:39 08 Jan 23
Highly recommend. Lucien is talented, reliable and easy to work with. His team did above and beyond for my project and the result exceeded my expectation. His deliverables are worth every penny.
Ben TangBen Tang
06:08 06 Jan 23
I recently hired Lucien and Ken to redesign the website of my small business and I couldn't be happier with the results. From the very beginning, their team was professional and responsive, and offered valuable design insights and recommendations. They always remained laser focused on my goal, which was to increase sales.Throughout the development process, they remained in close communication with me to ensure that the final product met all of my expectations and requirements. They were also quick to address any issues or concerns that arose, which made the entire process smooth and stress-free.The end result is a beautiful and highly functional website that helped me increase my sales with my target audience. I highly recommend Lucien's team to anyone looking to leverage digital channels to grow their small business
Matt LMatt L
02:54 06 Jan 23
Lucien is a great person to work with. He provides great, constructive feedback and is a proponent of collaboration and new ideas. Rest assured that you can trust him with bringing your vision to life.
13:48 01 Jan 23
It was such a pleasure working with Lucien. Lucien is very knowledgeable, approachable and is always available to help and give guidance, you can always count on him to get the job done right away and find a solution to a problem. He  communicates effectively and consistently deliver everything on time. I highly recommend Lucien.
Andrew LeeAndrew Lee
03:36 01 Jan 23
Lucien is incredible. He is the type of person you dream of working with. It is an absolute pleasure and anyone who chooses to work with him will understand what I'm saying.
Lexi WongLexi Wong
02:36 01 Jan 23
They're not the biggest agency, but their work is excellent, and their service is fast. If we had any problems, his team always replied sometimes even very late at night or on weekends. Thanks Lucien!


Answers to your most frequently asked questions

1-2 business days to get pre-approval from CDAP 

1-5 business days to create your Digital Adoption Plan PDF 

10-30 business days for CDAP to process your $15,000 grant rebate via direct deposit.

Estimates based on past successful CDAP applications. Government ETAs may vary.

You can get a maximum of $15,000 reimbursed.

The grant amount is 90% of the after-tax cost to produce a Digital Adoption Plan for a maximum of $15,000.

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